Springtime Pineapple Love

Springtime Pineapple Love

It's no secret around here, we love pineapples. Over the past few weeks we have been seeing more and more of them around on social media and in shops. We thought it would be fun to share our five favorite pineapples you can snag and wear or display with pride!

1. Anthropologie Pineapple T-Shirt Dress


What we love about this dress: the pattern on the fruit and the scallop detailing along the bottom of the dress. We love how they paired it too - with a structured jean jacket. Swoon! Buy it now.

2. Momomints Pineapple Bookmarks

Serious pineapple crushing going on here. These bookmarks are the perfect addition to your stationery collection. We have attended markets with Momomints a number of times and we love their branding, cheerful attitude, and quality of their products! Buy yours today.

3. Kate Spade Pineapple Coin Purse

Seriously loving this adorable coin purse. Kate spade is one of our favorite purse designers, we love how she grew her brand from nothing into something (amazing). This coin purse is perfect for your ID, Credit Card, love notes and chocolate treats. It's on sale too.

4. Sunnylife Neon Pineapple Light

This is a super find. Neon is super duper hot right now (not literally, lol) and we happen to think it would be a great addition to any studio, bedroom, or living room. The price is right too - who knows what shipping is though. Get yours now.

4. LanaBetty Pineapple Necklace


This one is an obvious choice - we wanted to pay tribute to our love of pineapples, it only made sense to 3d print something spectacular. Our pop + fresh collection was designed to poke fun at all the silly and ridiculous icons in our culture these days. The pineapple is so fun and carefree. Wear your pineapple with pride.

Do you have some favorite pineapple finds!? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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