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DAUB | ACTIVE Launches With The Focus On Women To Do Better, Be Better

Posted by Lana Lepper on

Today is a special day. Today is the day my friend Lexi releases her newest and biggest business endeavour, DAUB | ACTIVE. She's launching a kickstarter to help fund her business and we are ALL IN. Also, we want you to be all in. At LanaBetty, we strongly believe in local, friendship, and supporting radical, actually awesome products. What Lexi is doing with her new business checks all the boxes. Let me introduce her plan.


Daub | Active - Vancouver, BC

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Ready to challenge the norm and break boundaries, DAUB | ACTIVE is the evolution of a mindset. Born in the iconic, hand-dyed aesthetic of Daub + Design’s laidback luxe roots, the Vancouver brand has listened to their clientele—and delivered. The capsule collection DAUB | ACTIVE is for the fast-paced lifestyle of career women who want the most out of their workout gear. The new line features printed fabrics from the original hand-dyed techniques the brand is known for. High quality, globally sourced fabrics with local production are the key to the new look.



“Our new DAUB | ACTIVE collection is based around our client’s feedback for comfortable, functional and unique activewear. The desire for a wider waistband for an active lifestyle was at the forefront of our design. We wanted it to be comfortable on the body, still avoiding any soft spots, and to stay in place and not slide down. We want the leggings to fit real women and move as they do in their active, everyday lives. Our business is growing and it’s time to branch out. Everything you loved about Daub + Design is still there with unique prints but based on feedback from our clients and retailers, we’re offering this new collection.” says the line’s Creative Director and force behind the Daub brand, Lexi Soukoreff. Soukoreff has maintained local production quality fabrics and offering unique designs with the brand’s signature West Coast feel. Fabric selection is a crucial component for the line which aims for comfort, breathability and durability.



The new line, DAUB | ACTIVE will be launching to select stores across Canada, the US and the UK in 2017. A pre-sale event of the SIGNATURE Legging, RILEY Legging, AVA Legging, and the ARIA Tank will be offered in a limited run on Kickstarter launching February 15, 2017.

Uutilizing the global crowd-funding platform is a deliberate decision in line with the evolution of the Daub brand from handmade to the next level in tech-driven fashion while retaining their signature aesthetic that made Daub + Design a cult favorite. A crowdfunding platform allows small businesses growth with the company incurring risk, while having direct feedback for which styles, sizes and colour ways are most popular. This concept also plays into Daub’s commitment to limited edition pieces, thus eliminating overstock and waste at the end of each season.



Daub | Active - Vancouver, BC

DAUB | ACTIVE is a hybrid of unique prints born in the art world, and the limitless opportunities of technology printing allows for a new generation of activewear. Combined with luxurious fabrics sourced from around the globe, DAUB | ACTIVE inspires you to play harder, push the limits, and never compromise style for comfort and quality. Your life moves fast, and they want to give the gear that’ll take you through it all.

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