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I grew up in the sunny Okanagan. We played on hay bails, grew all our food in the garden, and never locked our doors. Our town was small and it was perfect for an imaginative kid like me to explore. When it was time for me to choose my path of education, I had a really hard time choosing. I absolutely loved fine arts, jewelry design, and had a colorful imagination. I drew, doodled, designed, and read books with a voracious appetite. But I was also drawn to logic, sciences, and biology.

When I finally had to choose “education” so I could “get a traditional job”, biology won. I worked hard to become the logical, calculated, and driven individual I am today. I am thankful for that time spent educating and learning. I learned how to learn and learned to value the things I love. It has been a hard path, but I have been able to make my own road back to fine arts and jewelry design.

I took the leap from traditional to creative in September 2015 and couldn't be happier. There's no time to look back and dwell on the past, I am moving forward full-speed ahead. I am growing my business, expanding, evolving, and I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing community I am a part of locally and nationally. What will 2016 bring? Stay tuned. It's going to be big.

Artist Biography
Lana is a 3d designer and goldsmith based originally from Kelowna, British Columbia. Through her studies at UBC to become a biologist, Lana learned to appreciate and to pay attention to very small details. After graduating, she began her creating with LanaBetty Designs and is now living and designing on the West Coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. 


  • Craft Council BC
  • Canadian Craft Council
  • Metal Arts Association BC
  • Creative Jewellers Guild BC
  • BC Lapidary Society BC

About LanaBetty in One Hundred Words or Less
Geometric Desires is a modern jewelry line uniting evolution and passion, combining beautiful materials and beautiful design. LanaBetty uses traditional jewelry making and the relatively new technique of 3D printing to create complex shapes and angular lines, balancing universal inspiration with on trend style. Designs are made using faceted semi-precious stones, sterling silver, brass, steel, and even gold.

Geometric Desires is about treating yourself, your friends, and your family.
Because you’re worth it.


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