Question: What length necklace do I choose?
We have chosen the best lengths for our necklaces, but if you are very keen on a specific length, please let us know when you make your purchase. There are no charges to shorten a chain, but there may be a small charge to increase length. If you're not sure, please contact us.

LanaBetty - Necklace Sizing Chart 

Question: What is the 3d printing process?
Answer: We use two different techniques to 3d print our designs.

3D printed directly into the final shape using stainless steel powder; this is a zero-waste process. The end composition (which may vary) is approximately 60% steel / 40% bronze. Because of the volatile nature of the annealing process, the final color of each piece may vary slightly. Most pieces are polished for 10 days in a soft cornmeal tumbler until smooth. Print lines are often evident and electroplating is robust and textured.

3D printed in wax and cast using traditional lost-wax casting techniques. Once cast, the mold is destroyed and the piece is polished and tumbled. Print lines are only visible on raw brass and plating is extremely smooth and polished. Raw brass pieces are complete after polishing and are ready to be made into jewelry. Rose Gold, 18K Gold, and Rhodium Brass each receive a palladium under-plate to provide strength and durability. Pieces are electroplated with a beautiful shiny luster and smooth finish.

Question: I want to order a custom designed piece - What is the process?
Answer: Send us an email! It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete a custom, 3D printed piece from concept to approval to final print, assembly, and shipment. Quotes are generally completed in the first 2 weeks. A 50% deposit is required at the time of printing (about 2-3 weeks into the process) and all additional fees (duties, expedited shipping, ect) are the responsibility of the customer. We promise that all prices are fair, can be explained, and there are no hidden fees. Contact us (here) and let's get started!

Please note that shipping for all precious metals will be tracked, expedited, and require signature for delivery. This is non-negotiable and will be built into the final cost of your custom piece.

Question: How do I polish brass?
Answer: While we prefer to use the polishing cloths sold in our shop, there are plenty of ways to do it at home. There is this pretty cool local household brass polisher called "Brasso". An 8oz bottle costs less than $10 and you would be surprised how useful it is to have around the house! Clean your brass terrariums, kitchen faucet, and get that grime off your shower tap, without spending too much time or energy on home remedies.

Question: Why does quality matter?
Answer: We care about the metals we use and are proud to share that all of our jewelry is lead, nickel, and cadmium free. Why does that matter? Most people (like 95%) are allergic!! The number one question people ask, is if they will be allergic. While we cannot guarantee you don't have a wicked copper allergy or are allergic to gold, we do our very best to know what goes into each and every piece, and we're pretty transparent about it too.