We want to work with you. We have a limited supply of space available to feature other amazing businesses, provided they are aligned with our style and brand aesthetic. Check out what we have to offer and let's collaborate.

Quick Stats:

  • Instagram - 20,500+ followers
  • Facebook - 2200+ followers
  • Pinterest - 600K+ monthly views
  • Newsletter - 9200+ subscribers

Our reach continues to grow with each season, market, and new stockist we add to our arsenal. We share stories about local businesses and events, interesting advancements in technology specific to 3d printing, and of course, the fashion report.

Within our network, we can connect you to local-centric consumers who care about how their products are manufactured and where their clothes come from. They are women (and men) who are young, educated, and enthusiastic about seeing the world, being the change they wish to see in it, and putting a bit of good out into it. 

We are interested in collaborating with online lifestyle bloggers, vloggers, and brands who want to genuinely wear and model our jewelry. We have a strong vetting process and user agreement, but would like to either send you our jewelry or make something unique in all the world for your style story. Think about it - and email us. We want to work with you.

Ways in which we want to work with you:

  • Fashion Editorials (for Magazine Submission)
  • Lifestyle Features (interviews about LanaBetty + Designer)
  • Fashion Stories (put us on! tell the world about it)
  • Gift Guides 
  • Entrepreneur Advice + Articles (more fun with LanaBetty)
  • Anything else? Just ask!

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