Giving Back - Donating to the VGH Foundation

Giving Back - Donating to the VGH Foundation

So much has happened in the last little while. It feels like our world has been flipped right over. It has been an emotional rollercoaster having all of our spring (summer and now possibly fall) markets cancelled, scrambling to pivot to laser focus this little business and make sure we can ride out this monster of a storm.

We have all heard the stories of frontline workers and the enormous toll it's taking on them; physically and emotionally. It's heartbreaking to hear of workers who are sleeping in their cars to try and prevent passing on this sickness to their families. It really encouraged me to do something, anything! to support their tremendous efforts.

I decided on the VGH Foundation here in Vancouver, because their foundation has such wide sweeping abilities to share the funds donated to so many other networks.

I am so very proud and excited to share that between March and May we raised $1500 to donate to the VGH Foundation - thank you to everyone for their donation and support.

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is Vancouver Coastal Health’s primary philanthropic partner, raising funds for specialized adult health services and research for all British Columbians. We partner with donors to drive innovation and sustainable health care at VGH, UBC Hospital, GF Strong Rehab Centre, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute and Vancouver Community Health Services.
VGH is one of two accredited Level 1 Trauma Centres in BC and, together with UBC Hospital and GF Strong, are the province’s main referral centres. In addition to the hospitals listed above, they have formed the Frontline Fund, and have partnered with more than 100 hospital foundations across canada to ensure the donations are given where they are needed the most!
  1. Supplies: From personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks, disinfectants, and disposable clothing; to life-saving ventilators and testing equipment; to the digital infrastructure needed to enable virtual patient care, frontline healthcare workers need more tools to win this battle and keep Canadians safe.
  2. Supports: Being on the frontlines of this pandemic takes a huge toll. Gift cards, peer-to-peer mental health support, and hotel rooms near the hospital will help our frontline workers protect their families, get much needed rest, and prepare themselves for the effort ahead.
  3. Research: Hospitals need funding to conduct vital research like clinical drug trials to discover therapeutic breakthroughs and intense vaccine development efforts.

I started by sharing free downloadable coloring pages for kids (and adults) who were bored at home. I thought that if we could share the fun and enjoyment of little coloring projects, we could raise a few dollars for a good cause. Together, we raised almost $50!! That was really encouraging.

But I wanted to do more. In an effort to ease my anxiety, I started to sew. Fun fact, I actually love to sew and take great pleasure in the methodical rhythm you can get into while sewing. I fretted that if I opened up to online purchase I would be overwhelmed by requests and have been taking very limited orders. I then created a downloadable DIY Mask Sewing Pattern, asking for $1 per download for donation. Proceeds from the sale of masks and patterns has lead to a donation of almost 80 masks and over $500 in donations!

And starting Friday morning (we go live at 10am), we are releasing our best selling Rose pin in four exciting colorways, where $1 from the sale of each pin will be donated to the VGH Foundation as well. Let's build on the momentum we've started and really show our frontline workers our gratitude. Heck, shop any of our rose pieces and we'll donate to the foundation as well!

This helps pay for masks to go to nurses and front line workers, ventilators for patients, and all the inbetween support they need to keep people breathing. While we stay at home, let's do our part and support those who are putting their lives on the line to keep us alive!

I think it's important to give back to our community and to support the frontline workers who are risking their health, their families, and their lives so we can thrive. We want to take a moment to let you do the same. 

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Do you want to donate to the VGH Foundation directly? Do that here.



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