Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


This is a pivotal moment right now. It is a time to come together in support of basic human and civil rights and to love one another unconditionally. This is the core of what we stand for at LanaBetty.

 It is our goal to promote belonging and inclusiveness in an environment where individuals with diverse backgrounds and talents can shop, be accepted, and welcomed at LanaBetty.

But we can ‐ and must ‐ do better.

It isn't enough to say that we value diversity or to speak about inclusion in general terms. Now is the time to listen attentively and to be clear in our words and our actions. Now is the time to state plainly and unequivocally that Black Lives Matter and to do our part to ensure that this is our truth.

Right now, we are working on actions including:

  • Donating to Black Vancouver - they are hosting a fundraiser and march in Vancouver on June 19 (more details coming soon).
    We donated a portion of the volunteer t-shirts so they can be organized and visible.
  • Developing a donations system to support communities that need recognition and support. This includes a rolling schedule to support communities across the spectrum however we can.
  • Drafting and enacting policies to support, donate, and act in our community.
  • Change the process of booking and hiring models.
  • Change the process of booking and hiring photographers, florists, stylists, and suppliers - this includes understanding their ethics and their commitments to anti-racist beliefs and actions.

At LanaBetty, we stand firm in our core beliefs of equality and want to #amplifymelanatedvoices. We know that conscious actions lead to real progress. That is why we must all commit to standing with our Black communities, to taking meaningful action, to being held accountable, and to saying what we must until it is no longer necessary: Black Lives Matter

We are continually learning here and are open to your feedback, dialogue, critiques, suggestions, and corrections. Let's keep this conversation going.


Lana Lepper
Goldsmith + Founder, LanaBetty

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