Top 6 Picks for Summer Fashion // Monstera Leaves

Top 6 Picks for Summer Fashion // Monstera Leaves

Summer is here (how did that happen!?) and we are over the moon about it. 

We have put together a list of our favorite leafy green pieces perfect for your summer style (at home and at the beach).

  1. Purse // Uppdoo Mingle Bag
    If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting the makers of Uppdoo, you know how wonderful they are. These people care deeply how their products are constructed and want you to love your investment forever and ever. Based out of Toronto, these purveyors of fine leather goods are the real deal for purses.

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    Uppdoo Monstera Mingle Bag

  2. Bathing Suit // KTR Collection Bikini
    A self-proclaimed lover of weiner dogs and all things hollywood glam, KTR says her biggest influences were the women of the 1920s.
    I love the glitz and glam, but I particularly love what they stood for…freedom. Freedom to dress, freedom to love, and freedom to embrace her femininity…that’s what I hope to portray in everything I wear and create for KTRcollection.KTRstyle is my creative journal that was started because I work in a field far from my love of fashion. It’s my creative outlet to express and share my personal styles, ideas, inspirations, and everything in between. It’ll always be filled with feminine pieces, girly obsessions, bold colors, delicate accessories, bouncy curls, love quotes, dreams & inspirations! I hope you enjoyed your visit here. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line to say hello…
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    Palm Leaf Bikini
  3. Walls // IMIELSKYFLORAL Removeable Wallpaper
    IMIELSKY Floral is a small family company, with european view of design making the living space full of harmony and elegance and decorating the houses around the world (from Europe to Australia, United States and Canada). “We appreciate your good taste and give back the best quality” - the wallpapers and graphics are made with passion and inspired by the surrounding world.

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  4. Keychain // Swell Made Co Key Ring
    Another amazing company hailing from Toronto, Swell Made Co is all things home decor and trendy. A lifelong lover of paper goods, Lesley creates stationery that is perfectly simple; waiting for your personal touch. Handwritten notes and sending mail are always a good idea. Her collection of art prints are timeless and neutral; ready to stand alone or become of a part of your existing art collection. To top it off, Swell Made Co. carries tote bags, keytags and pendants to create a swell gift.

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  5. Instant Flare // LanaBetty Lapel Pin
    And what good would a  shameless promotion of our favorite things be without a plug for our own leafy products? We have been blown away with the love received for our Monstera Lapel Pins - we made matching earrings and necklaces too.

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  6. Dress // Ananemone Monstera Shift Dress
    Created by illustrator Anna in Prague, she says about her brand, "The brand's philosophy is to give less popular creatures and objects such as slugs, cockroaches or garlic a chance to shine and be portrayed for the actually amazing things that they really are. Take centipedes, for instance. Most people find them.. well, gross. And I don't blame them. But if you look at them closely you realize that they are amazing creatures and every tiny particle of their body is there for a reason and used for a certain aspect of their lives." - we love it.

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So tell us - what are your favorite green plants? How have you styled your home or clothes for the summer!?

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