Community: Calling on your support!

Community: Calling on your support!

We have been watching the news for updates for days since the province experienced a catastrophic rain event, leading to flooding, landslides, and road washouts. The Vancouver coast is currently cut-off from the rest of Canada at a time that is critical to small businesses during the busiest time of their year. 

We too have been stuck between a rock and a hard place: our newly constructed booth and shipping crate have been stuck in Vancouver, unable to make the trek to our biggest handmade market - in Toronto. While we can still fly and make due, we are waiting on official confirmation and if the roads will open. Our hearts break knowing there are artists who wholly depend on the shipping routes to be open to get their booths and product from one city to the next.

These last two years have been just endless struggle after endless struggle for small businesses and we want to rally our community to help. This is our promise:

  1. We are donating a portion of all in-person and online purchases to those who have been impacted (specifically small businesses where possible).
  2. We are instituting a "pay-what-you-can" system for gifts from and to those impacted.
  3. We will continue to like, share, promote our fellow makers, artists, vendors who have been impacted. We want to showcase their talent and perseverance during this unprecedented time.
  4. We will donate clothing, gifts, toiletries, food, even blood, where possible to support our community.

Now, resources. 


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