We thought you Otter know about these adorable otter goods!

Posted by Lana Lepper on

Yeah, we did it. We made an otter pun. We rounded up a few of the cutest otter-related goods we could find for you. Your welcome.

Tell us in the comments below which is your favorite!?

Otters Toms

Love Otters - Canvas Women's Classics by Toms ($65USD)

Sea Otters Art Print by Triple Studio ($9-50CAD)

Minty Fresh Sea Otter Lapel Pin by LanaBetty ($12cad)

Sea Otter Necklace by Cagey Bee ($40cad)

Teeny Tiny Otter Figurine by Kayo Benson ($30cad)

Sea Otter Necklace by LanaBetty ($190cad)


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