Looking to up your photography game?

Looking to up your photography game?

I've been thinking about this more and more over the last few months, how there really aren't many photos of my products (aka achievements) hanging out in the new studio. 

When it came time to celebrate our new space - of course with a party, I pulled out some prints I had made from my friends over at Parabo Press. They're located in Toronto and they're actually amazing. 

Mixed with a few of my studio mates (Art and Soul Creative Co) illustrations, it was a really nice way to showcase my pieces.

Which brings me to sharing this coupon code with you - use this code on your first purchase with Parabo Press and they'll give you $10 off your purchase. Added bonus - you can connect instagram and choose your photos direct from your feed. Win/win, right?

>>> LBQJMO <<<

Can you think of some pictures you've taken or memories you've shared that you would love to have, in print, to share and remember? Maybe some pictures to put up around your computer at work? Inside your locker at school? Or maybe a little one to stick in your agenda to remind you of family whenever you open it up.

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