An Interview with Merrymen Magazine

An Interview with Merrymen Magazine

Merrymen Magazine

A couple months ago, I was approached by the fine folks over at Merrymen Magazine. They were just getting their first volume together and were interested in learning more about my process and in sharing the beautiful photography I had collaborated on with some amazing talented women.

Photography: Studio Jeanie
Florals: Celsia Floral

Here's a little excerpt from the interview:

Her pieces are unique, geometric, stunningly individual and tasteful. Cultivating her designs with her specific practice and process are what sets this visionary and designer apart. It’s exciting to see her imaginative and original 3D creations develop from concept to product. And in a world saturated by movers and makers, Lana considers originality incredibly important. 

“With 3D design it is unique in the way that three designers could be given a single word to design, “apple” and we all may design three entirely different pieces. A 3D design lets me be completely free. The only limitations are my imagination, the physical limitations of the process, and my ability to design. To stay original, I draw, a lot. I fill notebooks with designs, doodles, and I date everything. I guess that comes from my work in biology – proving your work and the timelines is always key, but the drawings are also a recipe – a guide for me to re-make designs again and again.”


Read the full article here.

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