Did you see our interview on Daily Hive - Behind the Brand

Did you see our interview on Daily Hive - Behind the Brand

Rockefeller Necklace - Silver

A couple weeks ago, we sat down with the editors of Daily Hive (Toronto and Vancouver) to dig into the inspiration behind our brand. Our reason to be, if you will. 

Here's a little taste;

if you’re interested in having a piece of custom name jewellery made, LanaBetty is the place to go. Using 3D printing to make their pendants allows LanaBetty to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklaces. You could have your name, or the name of someone close to you, designed on a hand-lettered necklace of heirloom quality.

Custom Name Necklace, Sterling Silver set with Pink Sapphire

Joining forces with Daily Hive has been such a fun experience and we are so glad to be able to share our story and promote the fun jewelry designs we love to make.

Read the Daily Hive article: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/behind-the-brand-lanabetty-jewellery

And if you're feeling up to it, leave a comment and/or give the article a share. Because without all of your support, small business wouldn't be the force it's grown to be today 🤗💕

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