2015 Year in Review - LanaBetty

2015 Year in Review - LanaBetty

After a whopping six weeks in a row of markets, shows, and pop-ups, we took some well-deserved time off to relax, recuperate, and recharge for the new year. We even took a much needed family vacation to our snowy home town. 

It was really great connecting with family, laughing over stories, and enjoying some delicious okanagan wine. Add this to your list: Sandhill Small Lots Sangiovese (any year). Scrumptious!

Looking back on the past year, we have really come a long way. We worked hard to increase sales, expand exposure, and grow with other like-minded business owners. We attended over a dozen local (and not so local) markets and shows - some were great, others we took as learning opportunities... We primped, we preened, and we were fortunate to have been noticed by some great tastemakers and influencers in the industry.


We were going to make a top ten, but it was Christmas and there was a lot of bailey's... So, here's a partridge and a pear tree-esque top six!

    • Six New Stocklists across the Country
      We added six new stores to our list of shops where you can find LB. Woot!
      • Lut Boutique - Vancouver, BC
      • Distill Gallery - Toronto, ON
      • Workshop - Ottawa, ON
      • Flock - Ottawa, ON
      • Gatley - Vancouver, BC
      • Climate - White Horse, YK
    • Five Television Appearances
      We cannot tell you how exciting it is to see our jewelry on TELEVISION.
    • Four Cities carry our Brand
      We are now available coast to coast (almost). We want to add Atlantic Canada in 2016!
      • White Horse, YK
      • Ottawa, ON
      • Toronto, ON
      • Vancouver, BC
    • Three Magazine Publications
      This one was really over the top. National publications took notice. Whoa.
    • Two Newspaper Publications
      Real interviews with journalists familiar with our brand. You know it's serious when your friends save the articles for you!
    • One Local Celebrity Endorsement
      This Lady can cook, dress, and goes on the most amazing instagram adventures with her furry BFF. She is as warm and wonderful as you could imagine.

    Honorable mentions include growing our silversmithing skills to expand our line and grow the complexity of our 3d printed designs, asking a lot of questions from industry experts, attending Fall for Local to help us brainstorm how to grow our brand, and travelling across the province with the raddest friends (Locomotive Clothing Company) we could ever hope for.

    Where do we want to go in the next year? We started by ordering a 2016 planner from our favorite Design Love Co - whom we met at Fall for Local in September. Those planners work.

    • Grow our wholesale offering to 20 shops
    • Expand coast to coast - hello atlantic canada
    • Combine 3d printing and traditional silversmithing
    • New products for our favorite holidays (valentine's day and summer, to name a few)
    • Collaborate more with local designers. We want to showcase some amazingly talented people
    • Lookbook - one of the biggest/hardest things for young businesses

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