Can't catch me - I'm the gingerbread man!

Can't catch me - I'm the gingerbread man!

Every year at the one of a kind show, the organizers pick a theme for the exhibitors to define, create, and compete against one another for the people's choice. There's a pretty nice cash prize involved too! We got into the theme this past spring with cherry blossoms - designing pins, earrings, and a necklace for the competition. The design went over so well, we added to our collection! 

This year, the theme is C-A-N-D-Y. Candy. We thought and thought and thought about what kind of candy we could design that would a) look beautiful as a necklace and b) wouldn't look like a blob once it was 3d printed.


In the end, we thought gingerbread men would be the perfect choice! We designed these two little gold and silver plated pieces for the over-the-top-holiday-lover who loves christmas so much, she's got the house decorated on November 1 and listens to Michael Buble's holiday album all year long. 

If you want to get your hands on one - send us an email or visit us at the One of a Kind Show (Booth E35). There are only TWO of these in existence and we wouldn't want you to miss out!

When we went to submit our pieces to the CANDY competition at One of a Kind, we were happy to see some other Gingerbread submissions too!

It looks like other companies are jumping for gingerbread men this season too.
Clockwise from top left: Pip Robins (C07), Velvet Moustache (Z23), Veille Sur Toi (W21), Crywolf (W52). Learn more about the one of a kind candy competition and buy tickets online! And, if you're so inclined, please send a vote our way when you're at the show!

Toms went for it and made a patterned shoe. These limited edition Classics feature an adorable gingerbread man print, perfect for the holidays. A small-batch, limited edition shoe - seriously adorable.

And Too Faced released both an eyeshadow pallet called Gingerbread Spice and a melted matte lipstick called Gingerbread Man.

Are you starting to see gingerbread men more often too? We want to know if we have somehow hit on a new fashion trend!! Would you wear one of these fun and festive necklaces? 

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