At LanaBetty we do our best to provide jewelry that fits your specific measurements. Below are a set of guides to help find the right measurements, depending on the type of jewelry you are interested in. If you are in doubt, let's get in touch to find the right size for you.

Necklace Size Guide

The most common necklace length we use at LanaBetty is 18". It seems to fit most women just right, below the collarbone, above their neckline. We always include a 2" extender on each necklace, in case the necklace sits a little high and you want to adjust it. The extender also makes it easier to close the clasp, as you can skip fiddling with the clasp to connect in just the right spot.

We are happy to customize your necklace length shorter or longer, however, please note that significant increases in size may result in additional fees. We will assess at the time of order and contact you if we have any questions. 

Necklace Size Guide - LanaBetty

Ring Size Guide

Ring sizes are defined by the inner dimensions of the ring. This should match the dimensions of the finger you want to use the ring on. The best way to ensure a great fit is to use measurements from an existing ring that you know fits your finger.

We also sell these handy ring sizers, and the cost will be deducted from your ring order once it's made. 

By measuring the diameter of the ring you can find your ring size based on the table above. If you need any help we are always here for you! Measuring the circumference of your ring with a soft tape or string can result in funky measurements, which is why we recommend using the method above.

LanaBetty - Ring Size Chart

Endless Hoop Sizing

Bracelet Sizing

Bracelet sizes are measured as wrist circumference in inches.

To measure your wrist use a piece of string/thread to find the desired fit and lay the string back out on a ruler to get your measurement in inches.

LanaBetty - Bracelet Sizing Chart

*note: bangle sizing is done a little differently. You need to measure the largest part of your hand/knuckles where the bangle will pass over. See our FAQ.

Custom Sizing

In addition the standard measurements, we also provide custom sizes of all our products. So if you find that your measurements are in between or not within the standard sizes listed in the guides have, just specify your specific needs and we will tailor a product to fit you.

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