Mystic - Immortal Snake Necklace

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As the snake sheds its skin, bringing new life and inviting change, it encourages changed perceptions. The snake will watch over your journey towards better aspirations and deeper spirituality. Expect the snake to warn you when you’re moving too fast and to steer you to the right direction when you’re lost. Wear it to feel grounded, supported, and stable. Wear it because you think it's pretty. The pendant is larger than our usual designs, measuring 32mm x 25mm. 

Necklace length measures eighteen inches on a flat cable chain, thicker than our usual designs to hold the larger pendant. The chain is finished with a two inch extender chain, complete with "LanaBetty" tag so you can tell all of your friends who made your divine new necklace.

Our collection, mystics forms the foundation of symbolism, deeper connections, and our infatuation with alternative arts. Be your best witchy-self with our new collection, with scenes like the hand, moth, snake, and crescent moon.

The design is 3d printed in wax before being lost wax cast in brass or silver. The pendant is then intricately filed, sanded, tumbled, and polished to the highest level of quality we can. 

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