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Can we take a minute here and press pause? Please? We have been catapulted into the beginning of the holiday season and things are getting crazy, quickly. We had our first holiday market last night with the delightful curators of Delish General Store, London Fields Shoppe (aka Got Craft?) and Refresh Market. There were cocktails, cheese platters, and great company to enjoy it all. We had so much fun! The second pop-up on our schedule this season is with the lovely ladies of Designers Collective. Tina and Brooke have been working tirelessly to bring a thoughtfully curated bunch of creatives together in the refurbished Mint Interiors location near the entrance to Granville Island. [caption id="attachment_3663" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Local a Curated Pop-Up will be hosted in the newly renovated Mint Interiors building on the corner of Fir and 2nd. Local a Curated Pop-Up will be hosted in the newly renovated Mint Interiors building on the corner of Fir and 2nd.[/caption]
We sat down with Brooke to talk about her vision for the event and what inspired her to take this project on. [caption id="attachment_3664" align="aligncenter" width="280"]Tina and Brooke of Designers Collective. Tina and Brooke of Designers Collective.[/caption] What is your business about? Our business is about design life. Tina is a registered architect and I am an interior designer. We both love everything to do with design, whether in buildings, interiors, or a beautiful handcrafted item. We do design projects together and also offer design workshops to people who are intersted in finding out more about design but don't necessarily want to do a whole design program.  We offer Design Crawls of other cities and  are working on doing a local one soon! We also blog about designlife as well. Our latest endeavour is we are hosting a Curated Pop Up shop called LOCAL, with all local makers! Basically, we have the creative minds, the deep resource pool, and the wealth of experience to offer. What inspires you? I think we are both inspired by nature. We both love nature's palette and are often pulling from it.  We also both love mid century modern and anything handmade! We are inspired by beauty in all forms and in unexpected places.  We are also inspired when we can help and support others on their design and creative paths. even-more-reduced-logo-for-web When and why did you start your company? We've only been in operation for about a year. The business kind of morphed from sharing an office space to working together.  We share similar design aesthetics and sensibilities so working together with a common vision made total sense. local (postcard) Any words of wisdom to share? Go for it!! We have had lots of fear but it has not stopped us. Feel the fear and do it anyway! We gave ourselves the task of getting " 101 Rejections".  This liberated us into taking risks and confronting our fears.  To tell you the truth, the rejections have only made us re-evaluate our offerings and refine regularly which is a good thing to help us grow ourselves and our business. fabrics Get Social with the Designers Collective: Website | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LOCAL: a curated pop up Upcoming Workshops:NOVEMBER 12-16 2015: Arts + Crafts Homes and Gardens Crawl in Pasadena - DECEMBER 1, 2015: Styling - JANUARY 19, 2016: Making the Most of your Space through Space PlanningJUNE 23-26: Los Angeles Design Tour

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