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ids west - Digital-Postcard-1Coming soon - IDS West. Book your calendars for September 24th (6pm to 10pm), September 26th (10am to 6pm), and September 27th (10am to 5pm). We will be hanging out in the district, a cash and carry neighborhood full of delightful designs and beautiful products. The District is the marketplace for designers to show and sell to discerning consumers and industry insiders. A unique, juried area, it is IDSwest’s popular cash and carry neighbourhood where attendees can take home good design. We will be hanging out along side some of Vancouver's very best contemporary artists, makers, and artisans:
heyday design Founded by owner and designer Claire Madill, heyday design is modern porcelain with a vintage beat by using meticulously handmade ceramic jewelry and objects to create highly unique pieces.
Cici Art Factory Liz Clay is the artist behind Cici Art Factory. Her work consists of whimsical paintings that sparks a child’s imagination and stimulate visual development.
Joue Design Joue is a global brand offering lifestyle products designed with excellent craftsmanship. They focus on creating beautiful  luxury throw pillows – each one meticulously designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.
Haejin Lee Haejin Lee is a ceramic artist originally from Seoul, South Korea. Her designs evoke a modern aesthetic that is both refreshing and simple. Her designs have been exhibited internationally.
LanaBetty Designs LanaBetty creates originally designed 3D printed jewelry and home accessories in a myriad of materials, including sterling silver, brass, and steel.
London Fields Shoppe From the folks that bring you Got Craft? London Fields Shoppe is a brick and mortar store offering quality goods with an emphasis on the handmade.
Mitani Designs With whimsical charm, Mitani Designs produces contemporary, eco-friendly bedding, bath, and decor for babies and kids.
Kathleen Tennock Ceramic Studio Kathleen Tennock creates one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces using sawdust and Naked Rau clay firing methods out of Whistler.
Neon Mfg. Neon Mfg. offers utterly cool, affordable neon sign art. Their signs and art are handmade by talented craftsmen using only the highest quality materials available.
Identity Home Identity Home, founded in 2006 by Meghan Irish, creates handmade clothing and home accessories by using strong quality materials both new and old. Their products are hand silk screened with high quality inks.
Vancouver Candle Co. Vancouver Candle Co. carries candles crafted with unique fragrances inspired from various neighborhoods of Vancouver. Only the finest local, ethically-sourced materials, free of potentially harmful additives are used.  
Reclaimed Print Co. Reclaimed Print Co. produce quality artworks and home decor products using locally sourced and sustainable materials in wood and stone.
Natural Wool Knits Natural Wool Knits designs are beautifully made with high quality pure wool from Canada – because of the extreme weather temperatures the wool is more lofty and chunky. Each item is hand-knit by designer Avi Selvig in the picturesque town of Penticton, BC.
KT & Paul The KT & Paul print studio was established in 2000 by husband and wife team, Katie and Paul Morris. At their print studio in Vancouver they produce all their designs by hand in small runs, the finished product is always made to the highest quality with love, care and attention to detail.
Fiveleft Leather At fiveleft they believe that a story doesn’t start with creation, it’s what comes after. You’ll find that true of their one-of-a-kind pieces. Each creation is cleverly textured from repurposed items: from steel mesh, bolts, scrap leather, rope and bike parts. All of their bags are numbered and signed, and made to age with character, a trademark of their line.


Clean, minimal and modern, KONZUK jewelry fuses unconventional materials like stainless steel and concrete with processes most often reserved for industrial design. Techniques in the KONZUK collections include laser cutting, photo engraving, and diamond-like carbon and powder coating to create a look that goes beyond mere accessory to border on the architectural.

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