In the City: Mother's Day & Got Craft

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This year, Mother's Day is May 11th. That's 18 sleeps, but we're not counting. Have you told your mother lately that you love her? Shown her that you care? Shown another mother that you're grateful for her contributions? I saw a lovely video complimenting mom's last week, I turned it off after I sappily began to cry. Those guys hit the nail on the head!
At over 15million views, I can only imagine that value doubling as the video makes it's rounds through facebook, twitter, pinterest, and all the other social media platforms. Watch it here. Read about it in the Globe and Mail here. What will you be doing to show the women in your life that you care this Mother's Day? She doesn't have to be your mom, or even have to be a mom, it's about showing our gratitude to the women in our lives who have influenced us, guided us, shown us love and support. [caption id="attachment_3123" align="aligncenter" width="571"]Black Leather Pumps by Found It Great Black Leather Pumps by Found It Great[/caption] There are a tonne of treasuries and gift guides circling the internet featuring suggestions and ideas for gifts for Mom, I've picked my favorite (visually) but I thought I should point out my most favorite artist, Emily McDowell is having an online sale! [caption id="attachment_3124" align="aligncenter" width="474"]30% off Products from a href=''>Emily McDowell 30% off Products from Emily McDowell[/caption] Follow Emily: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram And if you're looking for something fun to do with your mom on Mother's Day Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), why not come for a visit at Got Craft? [caption id="attachment_3052" align="aligncenter" width="557"]Saturday and Sunday, May 10th & 11th. Saturday and Sunday, May 10th & 11th.[/caption]

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