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Around Town: April Blossoms

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What has been going on in April? It has been such an exciting month so far, the rain finally stopped long enough for the sun to warm up the trees and encourage my most favorite time of year - April Blossoms! The blossoms in Vancouver are above and beyond what you could ever imagine. Like a scene from a movie. A samurai movie full of cherry blossoms. Like that, only more amazing. I am pretty sure #BurrardStation was trending for a while there with the amazing pictures people were taking there. [caption id="attachment_3102" align="aligncenter" width="597"]1. Test driving a new bicycle 2. This game is amazing 3. The city is in bloom 4. New 3D Designs 5. 33 Acres Bathroom Towels 1. Test driving a new bicycle - I want to ride my bike to work starting soon!
2. This game is amazing - look it up.
3. The city is in bloom - seriously the most amazing thing, ever.
4. New 3D Designs - are you interested? Come see them at #GotCraft May 10th & 11th.
5. 33 Acres Bathroom Towels - total hipster brewery and I love it.[/caption] [call_out align="left" ]Let's be friends on Instagram!
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[/call_out] What have you been taking pictures of with your phone lately? Are you on instagram? I love how simple the program is, allowing me to see what other people are up to (and learn that I am not alone in my personal struggles or exceptional wins). It is a fun way to share experiences. This month has been pretty hectic, with all the preparations I've been doing for Got Craft (May 10th and 11th), I've borrowed this amazing treasury from the front page of etsy. It is so inspiring, the way the curator has brought these great objects together into a tastefully curated collection I wish I owned!

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