Spring Fashion 2014: Cayenne

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What a run the this Spring Fashion Report has been on! After 9 full weeks of spring fashion, I am so excited about the success it has been. I took over my blog to show my love and support for the new spring colors from Pantone; the colors are so fresh and beautifully combined! There are 10 colors total, each week, I've covered each fresh spring color and include a fun little treasury. Thus far, we've looked at Placid Blue, Celosia Orange, Violet Tulip, and Hemlock, Paloma GreySand, and Freesia. This week, the second last week, it's all about CAYENNE! Cayenne - Model Dress designed by Christian Siriano Must haves for Spring 2014: A floaty long slip dress in colors ranging from Bombshell Red to Boudoir Blush. [caption id="attachment_3029" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Blush Pink Slip Dress by De La Belle Blush Pink Slip Dress by De La Belle[/caption] I searched and searched for a fun slip dress, the style really isn't a style I have had the confidence to embrace; the body hugging seams are great, but for my body type (and style), I really appreciate to break up the fabric with a waist seam. Cayenne - Sample Spring 2014 Color Trends Spring Fashion Colors: Blog Schedule Check back each week to keep current on the spring fashion trends. Radiant Orchid *Color of the Year* Placid Blue Celosia Orange Violet Tulip Hemlock Paloma Sand Freesia Cayenne Dazzling Blue How is the Color of the Year chosen? There is a great interview with Leatrice Eiseman in regards to how this year's color, Radiant Orchid, won the coveted prize. (Watch the Video)
To distill the prevailing mood into a single hue, the PCI team, led by executive director Leatrice Eiseman, combs the world looking for future design and color influences, watching out for that one color seen as ascending and building in importance through all creative sectors. Influences can include the entertainment industry, upcoming films, art, emerging artists, travel destinations and socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, lifestyles + playstyles, new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.

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