You are not a Failure

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I read some truly inspiring words today on one of my favorite blogs. Emma, the younger sister of the lovely A Beautiful Mess duo, shared her story with the world today. How she felt like changing her dreams was like giving up, like failure. This last year, ABM celebrated their first $1,000,000 year. That's such an incredible milestone that I can't help feeling proud for them (though I've never and probably won't, ever meet them). Not to lose the message of her post, which was to believe in yourself, believe in the adventures you have, and believe that greatness is within reach - you just have to put your hand out and grab it. To carry that message of hope and encouragement forward, I've made a pretty little wallpaper for you all (2058x2058px) available for download. Simply right click on the image to download or apply to your home screen. I think it could make a pretty good mobile lock screen too. Let it be a reminder, that great things are just around the corner and of course, that contrary to your own beliefs and uncertainty, you are not a failure. Not a Failure[pin_it_button pin_url=""] Why am I doing this? We all feel like our feet are too small for the shoes we wear and lately, I've been feeling that way too. After a big move, I've been having a hard time unpacking my studio and putting the time and energy into my site I need to. Do I want to quit and change gears? No, but I do feel like a failure for making promises to myself (and then breaking them). My spring fashion report will be back and ready to rock next week - Paloma is ready for action - but this week, I am going to focus on myself and take the time to remember that I am a special, sparkly unicorn and it's OK to take a week off now and then.  

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