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Kickstart Shane Koyczan a Canadian Icon

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Have you heard of Shane Koyczan? You know, the slam-poet who stood atop a gigantic plinth at the Opening Ceremonies to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. That guy. THAT GUY! Well, he's a friend and he's got a new kickstarter that's making waves. He's passionate, friendly, and wants to help change the world through spoken word. What more do you need to help fund a kickstarter? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Shane Koyczan Shane Koyczan - Spoken Word Artist (Image from Website)[/caption] I often read about kickstarters online or hear about them from friends, but I admit, as much as I'd love to help each and every amazing idea become a reality, I had not yet taken the plunge. With Shane, a person I have met and know and am inspired by on a regular basis, I knew this was a kickstarter I had to be a part of. I am so very proud of his successes and I want to help shine a light on his amazing talent. Fun fact about Shane: he and I went to the same school in the Okanagan. (Okanagan University College). But what's his kickstarter all about? I've shared his video at the bottom, but if you like to read, here's the skinny. It is becoming harder and harder as a poet to survive in this world and our economy. To pay his wages and to maintain his staff, he tours and tours and tours and tours. It's hard to fit in time to stop, gather his thoughts, and simply write. This kickstarter will help him to produce and publish his newest compilation, "Bruise On Light". He says, "Thankfully, we’re entering a new age where artists now have access to the tools needed to produce their own work, and aren’t tied to a labels, studios or publishers lack of vision. A Bruise On Light is one of those projects that’s been brewing in me for a while, and I’m at a place now where my experiences in publishing have given me the confidence to take the reins." He's been getting positive of press too: - The Province; "BC Poet Shane Koyczan raises $30,000 on Kickstarter in 2 Days" - The Sun; "Koyczan's anti-bullying video goes Viral" Watch the kickstarter video, decide for yourself. In my opinion, he is worthy of this kickstarter, every penny, and more. Did I mention he gives the very best hugs? Koyczan's Links: - YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Website

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