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Married Life

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[caption id="attachment_2674" align="aligncenter" width="463"]Mr & Mrs Lepper photo credit to Meagan Pascuzzo Photography[/caption]

After over a year and a half engagement, thousands of dollars saved, and an amazing team effort from our friends and family, we are finally married!

There are so many pictures and stories to share, how do even begin to share the overwhelming joy I feel in my heart? There are definitely a few wedding specific posts in my future! The last month has been so much fun. There was a culture-shocking trip to Europe, reconnections with friends, and of course, we've both been finding our groove in married life. For certain, life is easier after the wedding - neither of us are stressed to the level we were! Life is good, smooth, and full of love, just the way I like it. With the seasons changing and the hint of holidays on the horizon, LanaBetty has thoroughly enjoyed the last month off and we're getting ready to kick things into high gear. There are some amazing, AMAZING developments that I have to share and believe me, you won't be disappointed.

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  • life is pretty great these days, Jemima!
    Thank you so much for the love & support!

    LanaBetty on
  • Hey hey Lana Betty! you are all loved up + living in the big smoke now!! happy days to you + the Mr…congrats!

    jemima on

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