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Follow Friday: Delish General Store

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Follow FridayDelish General Store – began as an extension of Delish Magazine (, a free e-mag that ran for seven glorious issues. The publication and later the shop came about as an extension of what its creators believe in, traditional values in a modern mindset. Both developed into a way to: celebrate the revival of the hand made and home grown, extol the virtues of getting your hands dirty, and pass on knowledge, recipes, techniques and the pioneering spirit. At the helm as e-shopkeeper and proprietor is broadcast, print and web journalist Tamara Komuniecki, who describes herself as "Independent, adventurous, impatient, Arthritic. Journalist, bon vivant and eager but imperfect homemaker." She's been discovering and reporting on cool things for almost 20 years for outlets like CBC Radio and TV, CKUA Radio, the Globe and Mail, Better Homes and Gardens and City TV, and is now getting around to sharing them. Her silent partner lurks in the shadows, opens the wine bottles, whispers suggestions and builds killer spreadsheets. Delish General Store is a true mom & pop [online] shop based in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver, BC. They are proud to have built and continually add to a wide range of hard-to-find, didn't-know-I-needed-this-until-I-found-it, hip, handy and heritage-inspired products.


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What do you make/sell/service do you provide? Our tag line is "sundries and wares, curated and created", and that says it all. I find, or make, or have someone make, products that are unique, useful and interesting. My store has been the first Canadian retailer of a number of interesting products like the Freekey from Sweden and the Albatros Bookmark from London; two indispensable, why-didn't-I-think-of-that helpers. That is my specialty - bringing together a great collection of items that you have been looking all over for, and some that you didn't even know existed, but totally need.
What inspires you to fill your shop? There is a feeling I get, like a nice warm ball of excitement in my belly and a charge pulsing through my veins, when I make a discovery. It could be a story that I want to share as a journalist, or a new store that I have found that is just lovely, or a product or packaging that is amazing... and I have found that discovering products that not many people know about and then sharing it with my customers, gives me this thrill again and again. The charge of excitement just doesn't wear off.
Delish General Store 3When/why did you start your company? Delish General Store has been online and in business for about a year and a half. I started an online publication called Delish Magazine, and seven issues later we were really struggling to make it work. I decided to put it on the back burner and see if I could grow a little online store, and lo and behold, that became successful!
I want to open up a retail location but so far no appropriate space has come open in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver, and that's where I want to have it. So while I wait, I sell at local craft fairs, vintage markets and online. And oh yeah! There's this little (um, huge!) pop-up shop I'm throwing really soon as well!

August 16-18


Friday 10am-9pm Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-6pm

434 Columbia Street Vancouver

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Any words of wisdom to share? Do what makes you happy. It's tried and true, for a reason. Figure out what you like working on so much that it just doesn't feel like work. Start off by building it in your free time, but work on it every single day. Do what you have time for, but make time for it... whether it's an email or a blog post, a product design or a prototype, work on it every single day. And, be thankful and express that gratitude, to anyone who expresses interest and support along the way. It takes a village to raise a child but the same can be said for a business as well. We rarely build our dream business completely alone.
August 25 - Deep Cove Daze Panorama Park- Deep Cove, North VancouverAugust 26 - Lion's Gate Hospital 8:30am-4pm 231 East 15th Street - North VancouverAugust 31 - Artisan Fair, River Market 12-5pm 810 Quayside Drive - New Westminster
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