Busy Summer

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It has been a busy summer! There have been so many projects, experiences, and adventures - there just isn't enough space in this post to talk about it all. I've been up to my eyeballs in wedding planning for the past three months and am so excited to marry my best friend in 19 days! Are we friends yet on Instagram? Let's be friends! Keep up to date with the chaos as the lead up to the wedding gets crazier! [button url="http://www.instagram.com/lanabetty" color="purple" size="" target="_blank"]Let's be Instagram Friends![/button] My amazing wedding coordinator, Nicole Turcotte from Down the Aisle, got me some air time on CTV a few weeks ago >> interview here <<< - that was crazy fun! If I am not eating, sleeping, at work, or the gym, my life has been consumed with wedding projects. There have been many and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every one. Our goals were ambitious and I feel like the payoff will be worth it. I get a significant amount of satisfaction from making big goals and completing them. Put another checkmark on the list! With a few weeks left to go, I'll be updating this blog as often as I can - there are a LOT of great treats in store for LanaBetty this fall! Three More Sleeps  

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