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Follow Friday - Sarah Mulder Jewelry & Art

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Follow FridaySarah Mulder Jewelry & Art – is an incredible one woman production of, possibly, my favorite collection of jewels, gems, and art this fine city has to offer. Not only does Sarah paint, sew, and design amazing jewelry, she has also been busy commissioning custom works of art, pimping her brand (hello, amazing photo shoots) and in her spare time, she's been working on world peace and ending hunger. Okay, I'm sort of kidding about that last bit, but she's so kind, she might as well be. I first met Sarah at Fab Fair in June (or was it July) of 2012. Introduced by She's So Owner, Karly, Sarah was all smiles and one heck of a good time. It was then and there I decided I should make friends with her. So far so good. :)

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What do you make/sell/service do you provide? I’m primarily an artist creating large floral pieces usually commissioned based. When I am not working on a commission I divide my time between creating a series of sewn/recycled Cityscape paintings and my line of jewelry “Sarah Mulder Jewelry” (although making jewelry tends to way heavier on my schedule as I expand this year!).

What inspires you? ART: With my art I am really inspired by what is happening around me.  My sewn cityscape pieces started in grad school when I was broke and decided I could use some of the materials I had on hand to convey a story.  I was selling a line of cotton bags at the time and decided to use discarded scraps in my paintings, the scraps transformed into the construction of the ever-changing Vancouver horizon line.  At the heart of these pieces, it is the materials that I am working with that inspire a painting.  I love telling a story through texture and I love it when people want to touch my paintings…although it stings when a piece comes back from a show with finger prints on it!!

Equally I love to paint my flower series, since they give me a “creative break” and a time to recharge my creative energy!

These are inspired usually by form and flow.  When I am painting for myself or for a client I really strive to give the flowers a life, I really love to find my pieces through the negative space that the flowers create and I’m excited to work on some ideas that I wasn’t able to get to last year.

JEWELRY: My girly-girl line of pretty little charm pieces are simply created and inspired by my customers and friends and keep “gift giving” in mind.  I really like to provide my customers with an affordable line of jewelry that is easy to give and receive!  I tend to concentrate on trend and everyday wear for this line, keeping things simple and pretty!!

Last year I added my rocker-line of jewelry because I felt I was missing something from my own wardrobe (I love music and concerts and needed something that was a bit more edgy to wear with my wardrobe). The mixed metal jewelry can go from day to night and are amazing layering pieces!  I’m obsessed with easy-to-wear statement pieces and I know I have obtained this when I wear a piece out and get a compliment right away…then I know I have to include it into my line-up! This year I am adding custom Bridal jewelry into my line because I love taking special requests and creating something special…which I realized after many years of working with clients on custom paintings!  I love a happy customer!

Sarah Mulder Art 1

When and why did you start Sarah Mulder Jewerly & Art? I have been "making" since I was a child, my grandma would babysit me after preschool and roll a massive piece of paper across her table...she said that I was so easy to take care of- put a pencil in my hand and I would spent hours drawing. I started making assemblage jewelry and beading when I was a teenager and since then have self-taught myself everything I know!

I began showing paintings in 2002 when I was still in Collage, and since then I have been putting my work up anywhere I can!  I love showing my work locally and being accessible to my clients, it’s so nice to build relationships with people. My Jewelry line was officially created with a name and a brand in the Fall of 2011, but I have been selling my goods at craft fairs since 1999!!  WOW, I can hardly believe that!!  Prior to this I was working in an Elementary School as a Community School Programmer (which I loved!) and for a long time I was able to juggle the art/jewelry and full-time work.  After 5 years of being very sleep deprived and getting a gentle nudge from my boyfriend I took the plunge into going for it full-time.  I have no regrets except that I miss all the kids I got to see everyday!

Sarah Mulder Art 2

Any words of wisdom to share? A friend of mine sent me a quote a long time ago. “To live a life of immortality one must first live a life worth remembering” I tend to remind myself of this quote quite often – it reminds me that we have one life and shouldn’t waste it, I love to be busy and creative and I’m just so lucky that I am fortunate enough to be able to do that for a living. Shop Local Barefoot Contessa Main St & Commercial Drive (Vancouver) Dream Gastown & Granville Island (Vancouver) Two of Hearts 4th Ave (Vancouver) Black Cherry Studio @Lisa’s Chop Shop (Vancouver) Brick & Mortar Living (New Westminster) Amelia Lee (Victoria) Links Website | Etsy | Facebook (Jewelry) | Facebook (Art) | Pinterest | Twitter

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  • Thanks so much Lana for featuring me on your site! You did such a lovely job and said so many lovely things- I feel honored, thanks so so much xo

    Sarah Mulder on

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