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It's been a hectic last few weeks! I thought that after the spring show season ended, things would slow down a little but really, the opposite happened! Wedding planning has been pumped up into high gear and things are happening! RSVPs are coming in and our friends and family have such incredibly nice things to say about us. It's so endearing and kind and warm and fuzzy! There wasn't a wednesday treasury this week, we've been busy, keeping busy. Next week will be better and more love will go into the blog. Take a look at the archives, however, and let your eyes feast on the past treasuries featured on the blog. This week has been an adventure though, there was a trip to victoria, longboarding on granville street, a wonderful cakepop tasting and some much needed retail therapy for the upcoming wedding! What do you do to relax? How do you keep your calm and recharge when things are crazy busy? I'm taking suggestions and will post them next week! May 2013

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