10 Tips to get Organized

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Whoa. If you didn't know already, it's April. APRIL! It has already been a very, very, very busy year. An exciting year. A fantastic year! Busy though. And now, it's time to get organized! With a very busy month ahead of me (Make It, Got Craft, and Crafty Affaire, 3 weekends in a row) it is key that I keep focused and my eyes on the prize. While searching for ways to keep sorted, I stumbled upon this adorable desktop wallpaper to help keep you organized. [caption id="attachment_2378" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Get Organized - It's April Already! Desktop Calendar by Nicole LaRue courtesy of Ink Nest.click on the image to download. Get Organized - It's April Already!
Desktop Calendar by Nicole LaRue courtesy of Ink Nest.
click on the image to download.[/caption] Sprinkled nicely throughout the month is a bunch of friend's *gasp* 30th birthdays and a few jury events for Christmas Markets as well as a super cool wedding show called, "The Original Bridal Swap". I picked up tickets early for this event and that means we'll get early-bird access to all the goodies before everyone else. Hopefully this will be the starting point I need to finally organize all the amazing decoration goodness and pick a theme for our wedding. Well, we have one, but how to choose! So many choices! It is definitely time to get organized. [caption id="attachment_2380" align="aligncenter" width="570"]To Do List Notepad by Boy Girl Party To Do List Notepad by Boy Girl Party[/caption]   But how does one, "organize"? I've compiled a little list with tips and tricks to organize yourself. Try it out, you never know, you might learn something or have some fun! 10 Tips to get Organized:
  1. Make a List. It doesn't have to be great. Just write down the things you want to do. Seeing how many (big list or little list) will help your brain make time for each item.
  1. Take Inventory. What do you have? What don't you have? What should you have, what do you need (hello, justified shopping spree!)
  2. Give It Away. There are plenty of great options to give your gently used clothes away. Big Brother, ReFashion Vancouver and Dress for Success (to name a few).
  3. Sort that Mess. Group your clutter and categorize it all. What do you have to keep or can you not live without? I know during the winter months, I become a bit of a chapstick horder.
  4. Switch your Seasonal Storage. Put all of your neatly organized/sorted goodies and treasures somewhere you'll be able to find them again. Don't forget to leave room for growth!
  5. Make a Pinboard to visualize your goals. Have you heard of Pinterest? It is the best way to window shop online without having to actually spend any money. If you want to shop, shop here first and create styles, outfits and generally collect super cute images you like. And while you're pinning away, let's be friends!
  6. Invest instead of Binge Buy. When you're tempted to run to the shopping malls and fill your bags with the must have seasonal imports, think back to the sorting and storing you've just done. Do you really need more stuff? Be thoughtful about your purchases. Add key investment pieces that will last, that are handmade with love and people will notice and shower you with compliments on your amazing style! Local market events are a great way to pick up investment pieces; check out these events.
  7. Double Check your List. Be critical! Are there items on your list you aren't working on because they are too big and too daunting? Break your list down into smaller, more achievable goals;make to do's that you can actually do.
  8. Celebrate Successes. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP. Do not forget to give yourself a gold star, checkmark or maybe a 5-minute dance party for every "complete" on your list. Celebrate your achievements and share them with your loved ones!
  9. Treat Yourself - You are Organized! Maybe it's time for a glass of wine, a cold refreshing beer. Sit back in the sun and feel good at all you have accomplished. You're now organized (or at least better organized). Cheers!
[caption id="attachment_2379" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Nesting Bowls by Blue Sky Pottery Nesting Bowls by Blue Sky Pottery[/caption] 'Get Organized!' by LanaBetty It's spring! The sun is shining and it's time to get out with the old and in with the new! In order to let in the new, you'll have to sort and organize first.
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Wood Desk Organizer...
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