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As a part of the new Follow Friday series, LanaBetty is very excited to present artists, businesses, and a variety of talented makers and share you, the reader, a little insight into why we all do the things we do. What inspires us, what drives us, and a few tid-bits of advice from the business owners themselves. Do you know of an awesome business?! Is your business totally radical awesome? LanaBetty is always looking for fun and exciting businesses to blog about. Complete this form for consideration. Ellebay Bridal, owned and operated by Gabrielle in New Westminister, BC is amazingly talented and incredibly sweet. I came across her beyond-gorgeous dress designs while I was searching for the perfect wedding dress! I became a true fan after subscribing to her blog; the simplicity of her posts drew me in - they are always full of pretty pictures and Gabby has a really great eye for fashion. Read her interview below! [caption id="attachment_2360" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Kara Dress - Photographed by Marie-Louise Photography The Kara Dress - Photographed by Marie-Louise Photographys[/caption]  
What do you make/sell/service do you provide? Ellebay Bridal Boutique specializes in custom made special event gowns - specifically bridal! All of our gowns are designed and constructed in our two level storefront.
What inspires you? Our designs are inspired by snippets of a bunch of things - fabrics, colours, my friends, my wardrobe, our brides. <LanaBetty side note: have you seen Ellebay's Pinterest? - wow!>
[caption id="attachment_2361" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Juliana Dress - from Ellebay Bridal The Juliana Dress - from Ellebay Bridal[/caption] When and why did you start your company? Ellebay was founded in February 2010 by my mum. She’s been in the bridal industry for ages, so it just made sense! <LanaBetty side note: I've met this amazing woman; she is kind and cheerful and incredibly knowledgeable!>
Ellebay Bridal - shannon Any words of wisdom to share? Just do it! I used to struggle with what people were going to think of what I was making. Now, rather than make a bunch of revisions [to a dress]  in hope to better please everybody, I just finish it [the dress]. While they’re criticizing / praising, you’re off to your next thing.
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