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Joyous Wedding Design

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This week's regularly scheduled wednesday treasury is on hold - I have something much more exciting to share with you all. For weeks now, I have spent my lunch hours at my desk on my personal laptop, layering, shading, opaquing and Photoshopping... Why? Why would anyone do that? Especially if she sits at a computer during her regular working hours? Is she nuts? I'm not! When we first got engaged, I immediately contacted the talented people at Rifle Paper Co. to see if I could hop on the waitlist for a wedding suite (a suite is the whole shebang; save the date, invitations, programs, escort cards, menus, and more). When I got the $1400+ quote back, I realized that maybe I could DIY the invitations. But where to get the images? Buy them? Draw them myself? While I wanted to, I felt that having our friends and family contribute to our project would mean more to me and to them. I enlisted my friends and asked around. Would anybody be willing to draw a few flowers or help us do the graphic design for our stationary? Ask and ye shall receive.. or something. It worked! THANK YOU TO MY FRIENDS!! At last, I have finally finished the coloring/shading necessary to add beautiful images to our invitations, escort cards and all other print materials that will be on display at our wedding. My future sister-in-law has this incredibly talented friend who can draw amazing things. I'm wondering if she'll draw for my website or draw and let me create with her beautiful images! [caption id="attachment_2301" align="aligncenter" width="550"]STD Collage creating vector images from line drawings is not as hard as it looks.[/caption] She drew this amazing image and I used photoshop to clean up the pictures and lines and pencil marks and see the end result! Two beautiful flowers in 6 amazing colors (one for each of my bridesmaids). These flowers will be the accent colors to the wedding and allow us to have a wide variety of flowers, colors and fun things without having to stick too strictly to our Chartreuse and Grey color theme. The fruit of my labor: [caption id="attachment_2302" align="aligncenter" width="504"]its true, we have a wedding hashtag. search #andrewandlana to see our wedding prep! its true, we have a wedding hashtag. search #andrewandlana to see our wedding prep! Click to Enlarge.[/caption] The image is by Meagan Pascuzzo Photography, taken October 6, 2012 in the alley next to Granville Island Market. To see all our pictures, check them out here. Check back next week for a market preview for the first big spring show - Portobello West Market.

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  • Thanks Sarah!
    That is a really nice compliment and means a lot to me!

    LanaBetty on
  • Super cute- you are really great with colour…you just get it! Good job lady!

    Sarah Mulder on

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