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Make It - Preparations in Overdrive

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Whew! It is a very busy time in the LanaBetty  Studio (my apartment), with only 7 days remaining until Make It Show begins and the real test for LanaBetty: Fun with Paints begins. Fun with Paints, is, in a nutshell, about having fun. The colors I use are bright and playful and none of the subject matter is very serious. In fact, it is purposely not. I want you to look at LanaBetty art and smile, End of Story. Smiles for the world! I have been pouring my heart and soul into these designs the past few weeks and I hope it shows. If you've been checking in through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - you might know the frenzy I've been in. There is no weekly treasury this week - just a wee preview of the art available at Make it Show next week! There will be three sized paintings, 6x6, 10x10, and 16x16. There will be notepads, bandoliers, and of course, buttons! There will be gift sets and my very favorite, discounts for multiple purchases!

Come out to Make it and say hello!

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