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Time and time again, I hear stories from woeful bloggers who have had their posts and or images jacked by other would-be bloggers. The level of low it takes to rip of someones idea is a low I'm not sure I really understand. Sometimes it is intentional, but most times, it isn't. It is important, just like in school, to give credit to the original writers/picture takers/creators of the content you include in your posts. With that in mind, I found this fantastic link from Krista, over at KJ&Co (if you haven't heard of her, now you have and your life will be enriched! she's quippy and has fabulous style!). LINKwithlove is a fantastic idea that will instantly improve your karma. Go ahead. Click on the image. Instead of linking it to a higher resolution of the image; I've linked it to the original site. How do you type in the HTML? Read below... [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Take a minute, read the page and learn how to improve your karma."][/caption] To type the HTML to link an image back to the original place you found your image, it's easy! Follow this template. Step 1: <a opens up the 'link' code... Step 2: Add in target="_blank"> to make the link open in a new window. Step 3: Don't forget the picture! That's the <img src=" part. Don't forget to close the command with />. Step 4: Close the first command up with a </a> and you're set! Example: <a href="http://YOURWEBSITELINKGOESHERE" target="_blank"> <img src="http://IMAGELOCATIONONYOURWEBSITE" /> Now go back to your site, add the links and give credit where you can and enjoy!

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