First Day @ Portobello West Market

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What a fantastic day! After preparing for weeks (month(s)?).. today was gameday. I set my day up to be awesome by preparing, ok, over-preparing like some sort of crazy OCD freak, to my success. I am super exhausted and am en-route to an early bed time, but I wanted to give up some highlights of my first Vancouver craft show:
  • Customers scanning my QR Code.
  • Meeting awesome vendors!
  • Getting a #follow by @BifNaked, then having her tweet my website to her 25,000 followers
  • Making a tonne of new twitter friends today
  • Tweeting live from Portobello West Market about my sales
  • Giving out free admission vouchers for the next Portobello West Market (Dec 10/11)
  • Meeting/networking with vendors connected to #GotCraft
  • Submitting my swag (a.k.a. free advertising) for next weekend's GotCraft
  • Making great sales.
  • Excellent feedback from customers and vendors alike on my display (see my photoblog for pics).
There is a whole lot more, which I hope to compile into a legible post soon, but right now, it's time to make a little more stock and then hit the sheets. Early morning tomorrow, selling from 11-5, then tear down and clean up at home. Seriously, I am amazed my boyfriend hasn't kicked me out yet for all the crafting mess. It looks like martha stewart puked all over the house or something. ;)

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