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Circle Craft & Sartoria

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This weekend I had the opportunity to adventure down to the new Vancouver Convention Center and explore Circle Craft's Annual Christmas Craft Fair. Craft fair is probably not the right words to describe the show; really it's an understatement. "Monumental show of Epic-ness" might be more appropriate, I'm still working on the right wording.
"Circle Craft Co-operative is a unique BC Artist Cooperative dedicated to providing opportunities for craftspeople to connect with the community. Formed in 1972, Circle Craft has grown to become a major force in the marketing and promotion of quality craft, utilizing a ‘direct from the artist’ approach."
The Christmas craft show is epic. Mind-blowing. Huge. With what felt like several hundred vendors, I had to pull myself together and make the most of the short time I had at the convention center. I had to see it all! As I was devouring content; seeking my way through the crowd in a grid-like pattern so I could see all booths in the smallest amount of time, I came across Sartoria. She makes these. *OMG WANT WANT WANT!!!*

SARTORIA Location: Toronto, Ontario Website: Sartoria focuses on 'regenerative design'. As paraphrased from her website, regenerative design is a process that renews, restores and or revitalizes known and established sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature. Essentially, Sartoria upcycles wonderful, gently loved high quality fabrics to make under garments, long johns and a whole plethora of fantastic cashmere-like items. "When knitting machines first started to transform cashmere wool into knit fabric, it was underwear that was initially manufactured! Sartoria reaches back a century and brings forward a very old, practical idea and refashions it with material as revolutionary as the first knit fabric yes yes!: recycled merino wool and cashmere sweaters!" How I know about Sartoria, is her Etsy shop. I have seen her items featured in many, many treasuries and on the front page of etsy more than enough times to know her brand by sight. I was enthralled to see such an incredible artist at Circle Craft! I introduced myself and spent a little too much of my precious time eyeballing the soft, sensual underwear. Sara appeared in her element, she had her employees busy with customers while she was in the corner, sewing away and creating on the spot! It is truly fantastic to see an artist in their natural habitat; to see their process. I love it! I would have loved to stay and talk with Sara longer about her product, her business and her time spent developing it, alas, there were customers calling and I had a show to scope out! I took some pictures on my cell phone of my very favorite booths, but unfortunately they were all lost when the battery died! Over all, it was a great day, I found some fantastic finds and my heart warmed up to the idea of christmas and hand-made just a little bit more!

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  • […] I first heard about Sartoria a few years ago; I stumbled upon her etsy shop from an etsy email. It was cold out and I was allured by the concept of cashmere underwear. How luxurious! How indulgent! I had to see them for myself. It was at Circle Craft that I was finally able to introduce myself and meet the maker, Sartoria herself. I was inspired, awed; she was as warm and genuine as you could hope! Read more about that adventure here… […]

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