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I think I am in Love...

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Some women love shoes, others have drawers full of fancy, lacy lingerie, others... others are more like me. I have an intense obsession with jackets. Long jackets, short jackets. Wool, cashmere. Corduroy, Super puffy, everything!

This military-influenced double- breasted has my head spinning!

From the Etsy Shop "FM908", is a boutique fashion label run by Miya Green and Chen. Their focus is on the creation of elegant, individual and versatile pieces. They use fabric of the highest quality only and each piece is hand crafted in San Diego, California. They have over 700 sales and have been making awesome happen for only a short time with Etsy! April 2011!

They make truley amazing, quality pieces that you can throw on and look good in without a fuss. Recently showcased by Daily Candy; it's no surprise the shop currently is out of stock. Talk about a buying frenzy.

I know that I'll be keeping an eye on their Etsy shop for when new stock comes back in. I love the military inspired jacket!

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