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Getting the Word Out

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Even though Halloween has not even crossed our paths, it is really a good time for those of us crazy about craft shows to begin preparing for the holiday season. For those of us who make everything by hand (*I do*) preparation can take a lot of time. This year I'll be making a new tablecloth, re-inventing my display and, fingers crossed, adding overhead lights to my table for shows! For many of us, the Christmas season is the bread and butter of our craft. Having a good turn out to a show can make or break our investment money for the new year and it always helps to have a little extra cash over the holiday season. I know I often pick up my most cherished gifts for friends and family at craft shows. It means so much more to have a hand-made gift given to my best friend than a new fan-dangled appliance from wal-mart or the like. Hand made gifts come from the heart of the purchaser as much as from the creator. It reflects how well you know your friend or relative, their style, to choose something that uniquely reflects who they are and what they love. But how do you get the word out? How do you share with the world that you're going to a craft show as a vendor?
  • Tell your co-workers, friends, church, neighbors, roommates, your hairdresser, classmates, everyone!
    • Be excited and convey that excitement in a thoughtful and informative way.
  • Twitter (I may have ranted earlier this week about the importance of twitter).
  • Facebook:
  • Post the event on your website!
  • Talk about the event on your blog (I know this is almost exactly like the point above, but there is a subtle difference between the two).
    • Write a post about the event and why you are excited to attend
    • Pictures of your items that will only be available at the show
    • Sneak peaks of your display
    • Convey your excitement and gratitude to the show; link their site to yours
  • Update your shop announcement in your Etsy shop listing to where your buyers can find you this holiday season.
  • Mailing list/Newsletter - send out an update!
  • Post the event details on the forums you visit.
  • Write a piece and forward to your local variety column; invite them to the show.
  • Email signature: update to include the event info and a link to your website or blog post.
  • Make some swag.
    • The first 10 purchases at the show receive a free gift - tell everyone about it.
  • Give out information about the show at places you shop, craft supply stores, stores that sell handmade, stores that already have an area for flyers, stores that you sell your goods at, your apartment building, places you eat at, your school, with shop owners you know…
Do you have any ideas of how to get the word out? Craft shows can sometimes rely heavily on their vendors for advertising. For the most part, word of mouth can be the most valuable tool you can use to increase the attendees at your show. I for one will be doing my very best to keep my friends, family and followers informed about my future events (hint: click the link).

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