Rant: Why I love Twitter more than Facebook.

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When we were young (re: 2006), Facebook was the greatest in showing off to your friends the crazy (and stupid) things they did at the party the night before. There were pictures of puke, nudity, and more than enough tongues sticking out to mail all the letters in china (and then some). In the beginning it was like playing with fire. We didn’t know the incredible power online presence had or would become. As I’ve grown older (re: evolved) I’ve learned that not all crazy nights have go online (thanks to teacher friends asking I remove a whole lot of fun pictures). Our reputations are at stake now. The very first thing a company representative is going to do when they read your name from your resume is look you up on google. What will show up? Your facebook profile? Blog? Twitter, tumblr, flickr, linkedin,… the list is endless. It is no longer as important to have all of your information and details filled in about your favorite books or most treasured movies.  It is your duty (and yours alone) to ensure the first impression people glean from you in an online capacity is directly representative to who you are and how you carry yourself. Unfortunately; there are not yet any laws or rules governing how a company may search or look for information about you when you apply for a job. There is a big list of things an employer is not allowed to ask: your race, color, sex, religion, national origin, birthplace, age, disability, sexual status. That doesn’t mean they can’t find that information out about you if you don’t guard yourself and watch what you post online.
Let me reiterate: It is your duty (and yours alone) to ensure the first impression people glean from you in an online capacity is directly representative to who you are and how you carry yourself.
But I digress; I am here to discuss why I love twitter. Twitter is great. It’s fantastic. Imagine facebook and linkedIn as big fortresses that are entirely inaccessible to the general public. Why are they inaccessible? Because you’re smart and you’ve increased your privacy settings so that pictures of your crazy party days aren’t broadcast across the internet – because you can try to find them all, but somewhere, somehow, there is a tagged (or untagged) photo of you baring all in someone’s profile picture. Play it safe and keep your security high. Right. Twitter. Twitter is great because you can search and find like-minded individuals without the Fort-Knox security that Facebook has. In all honesty, the search feature in Facebook is kind of crap. If you don’t know a person’s name specifically, how will you ever find them? If you don’t hear about a business having a page, you’ll never be able to search ‘jewelry vancouver’ and find it. Twitter allows strangers to interact with a strict 140 character limit. You have to be witty, thoughtful and crafty to get your point across. I’ve made several friends through twitter I would have never made contact with otherwise; I’ve learned about business opportunities and news as it’s happening. Stuck in traffic? I bet someone’s tweeted about it. Photo sharing is easy with accounts like tumblr and flickr that post photos as they’re uploaded. Ifittt is another fantastic tool; check them out, the possibilities are endless! With the new iOS5.0 integration with twitter, it’s even easier to share bits and pieces of your life with the world, all while keeping your professionalism in mind. For me, I like a balance. I post about my business, take pictures of my dog, and share my thoughts on the hockey game in real time. It’s an enhanced status update, a quick peak into my life in the moment; and I love it. To read more and to see the article that inspired my rant; click here.

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