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Adventures in Vancouver

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When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with Vancouver. The trip over the mountains from Kelowna to Vancouver was far longer than any child can reasonably sit still and the level of excitement I had for family vacations was borderline painful. I have vague memories of our trek through the city, with flashes of the guards of Lion's Gate Bridge; that was how us kids knew we were in Vancouver. Those Lions were a symbol of glory; a symbol stating that the longest leg of our trek was over and that grandma and grandpa were on the other end of the ferry trip (to Naniamo, Vancouver Island): which meant hugs, treats, and general good times! When I see the Lions now, I am filled with reminiscent dreams of my past, the wonder I had for them then, the expectations I built about Vancouver as a city. I manifested a connection between Vancouver and my most treasured childhood memories of family vacations. Stanley park still holds me in awe. I have made my rounds along the seawall; afternoon trips in the sun, drum-circles on the beach for sunsets and I find I am still held in wonder about the Lions. Where did they come from? Why are they guarding the bridge? My thirst for knowledge drives me. A conveniently short google search later, and I am filled with more information than I can handle. Originally built in the early 1900's, it was initially built to rival the Eiffel tower in Paris. While I'm not sure I agree, it was definitely a feat of engineering for the time. Guiness graciously donated the iconic lights in 1986 and it has been an iconic part of Vancouver for nearly 100 years. Vancouverites have used the Lion statues guarding the span to rally support and comradery in times of need; during the olympics in 2009, the Vancouver Canucks trek to the Stanley Cup Finals... So you can understand my attachment to the Lions too.

I believe my love and fascination for Vancouver can be directly linked to my childhood expectations and ideals created during our family vacations. As a result, now that I live here, I can't help but feel like I am on an incredible adventure, even when I'm out getting milk or picking up dog poop. Okay, well, maybe not picking up dog poop, but I definitely get a kick out of the skytrain rides and I am always a little giddy when riding an escalator.

What I love about this city, is that the possibility of adventure exists; at every turn. A few weekends ago, we met up with our friend Tom for some drinks at his friend Colin's new house. We hit it off and before the evening was over, we had plans to meet at Granville Island in the morning for a fishing sea adventure (#fistpump YES!). The ocean is a mysterious thing of beauty to me. After seeing Vancouver from several kilometers off the shores of the Spanish Banks, I can understand part of why other people love this place so much. We saw harbor seals, hundreds of like-minded fisher-people exploring the sea, float planes, funny looking fish (caught accidentally) and a whole plethora of sea life thriving in the coastal climate. We saw a wide variety of boats that moore themselves in the Burrard Inlet, tankers, haulers, tugboats, cruise ships too! Our efforts were rewarded too. We caught a few salmon and had a wonderful cedar plank BBQ feast that evening! What a fantastic Vancouver adventure.

To see more pictures of my fishing adventure; check out my flickr photo stream.

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