Retro Modern without Teal just isn't Retro

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First and Foremost, I created a Treasury. Check it out. This is the story of why I made it. I enjoyed making and creating my Wednesday Treasury so much that I made one today; on Thursday. As I type, the last lingering residents of my building are shuffling their slippers and house coats back into the building. Andrew and I will remain on our patio for a while longer; enjoying this incredible indian summer in Vancouver. Soon it will be raining and pouring and the old man will be sawing logs, but until then; I'm going to drink my Innis & Gunn in style. Oh right. The fire alarm, so the fire alarm is going off and nobody is telling us anything. Compound the issue with the fact that my building and the one next to it share a parking garage. If the parking garage fire alarms go off; both buildings evacuate. 2x20 floors + dogs and cats = chaos. We parked ourselves on the patio (we have a walkway to the street) and decided to crack some beer and enjoy the festivities. The firemen didn't seem to mind... The alarm is now off and as the street begins to return to its lazy beat, we relax, enjoy, and watch a few youtube videos wirelessly. We live a very good life. To quote pilsner, "" hehe. Right; why I'm writing. To put it simply, I am obsessed - enthralled - overtaken by this mad desire to feast my eyes on teal. I loooooove teal. Luuuurrve teal. It has so many shades and colors and nuisances. Teal can be mint, green-blue, or turquoise, to name a few... It can be worn as a sweater, shirt, bra, necklace, earrings, shoelaces, skirts, pants, dresses, pillows, towels, oven mitts, jackets, the possibilities are endless! Pair that with some well crafted dark wood accents with a retro-modern theme and we're cooking. I made/created/searched the etsy-empire for the items in this treasury and am pretty proud of it. Within 5 minutes of posting, I've already had 20 views. I hope in the future when I make a treasury, 5 minutes later I've had 200 views. A girl can dream right? Right now, however, I'm dreaming of a dark wood modern retro furnished home with teal accents (PS. I own the purse in the exact color).

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