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I have been working relentlessly for the past week to get this site up and going as soon as possible. I have been clicking, double clicking, HTMLing and learning CSS. By the way, CSS is crazy difficult for a beginner. I have been searching for broken links updating headers and cropping images like it's going out of style. Previously, I had designed and uploaded my website (v1.0) using iWeb it was pretty good, for a beginner like myself. I was able to input my FTP information, drag and drop images, set colors with ease and embed html code that looked seamless and was functional. Initially; it was perfect. It drummed up interest in my site and helped me (and my business) make connections with customers and other businesses. <CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OLD DESIGN> What I felt was a big limitation of iWeb, was that if you did not upload your site to your mobileme account, you lost all RSS feed and comment functionality. What a big drag. Add to that, was iWeb's inability to embed javascript. Once again, it felt like Apple was trying to make the internet conform around it's over the edge crazy ideologies about how the internet should work. (If you have never heard about this, look up Apple + Flash + PDF - it's a bitch). To take things to the next level; I was advised by my tech junkie and web guru brother to use Adobe Dreamweaver. Out of 10 for functionality, I would rate it 10. Out of 10 for ease of use for beginners, I rate the program a big fat zero. I was innundated with code, CSS, HTML, Javascript. Punctuation in all the wrong places and color coding I had never known possible. It was too overwhelming for me! What do I do!? A few weeks before, I had set up a wordpress website for my Highschool Reunion. My experience with wordpress at the time was none. I dabbled, I learned. I added some links and changed the header images. It was pretty good and feedback about the site was excellent. Fast forward a week or two and I began working on a friend's memorial site. It was in desperate need of renovations and I wanted to do it right. I read tutorials, watched videos and installed plugins. I changed themes, I inserted links and drew on the vast resources of the internet to fill the site with compassion and caring. It is a continual work in progress, but I am proud of my work and I am happy to put my name to it. Of course; it isn't my idea. It isn't my site. I am just volunteering my time. When it came time for me to take my website to the next level (after I gave up on Dreamweaver), I turned to Wordpress. I dumped my old iWeb created website and started from scratch. I found a theme I liked, I searched for plugins and have basically used everything I learned with the two other sites and have built substantially on the skill set. I can now look for and edit CSS/HTML code in my site (though Javascript still scares me) and the fruit of my efforts is still to come! I am now filling my site with content, I have connected to adsense (please click, the .001 cents it makes me helps) and have integrated many amazing interweb features to my site. For example; MAILCHIMP. Mailchimp makes sending newsletters amazing. Easy. Fantastic. After a bunch of time and sleepless nights spent working on my site, I finally am at a point where I can show it to the world, while I continue to tweak and improve it. What do you think?

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