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Taking Control of my Life

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As the title to this post may suggest, I am very interested in being in control of my life. For too long I have let myself sit back and enjoy the ride. Things were good that way. I never had to make any decisions, I just had to show up, smile and enjoy a beer or two. That has all come to an end. It's time for me to take control of my life. If you haven't seen "What about Bob" (starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss), you should. I'll give you the cole's notes: Bob is crazy and Dr. Leo is a therapist who wants to help Bob. Through a series of zany events and comical situations, Bob comes to understand that all of life's BIG tasks/situations/deals can be broken down into BABY STEPS. He initially has troubles walking up stairs and entering rooms; gradually learning to take baby steps, he overcomes his fears and teaches Dr. Leo a thing or two about life and love in the process. It's a very good movie and always stuck with me. Bill Murray always cracks me up. Back to my point; baby steps. I took all of the big, huge, insurmountable things in my life I didn't know how to fix and broke them down into baby steps. I did not do this in any formal way (unless this blog here, now, counts), but I broke them up and decided to tackle each small step and see what I could accomplish. Goal 1: My Looming Student Debt. The Canadian government was so kind (and generous) to allow me to have not just one year of loans, but four. When I decided to extend my visit at school into a fifth year, they were there to help. $52,000 later, they were so kind to inform me that I incurred approximately $6.00/day in interest. For those of you who don't know, that's more than the cost of a cup of coffee. I immediately stopped drinking my cherished cinnamon-dolce-skinny-lattes and immediately increased my payments from $350/month to $550. That still wasn't enough. I began making side-payments whenever my bank account had $1000 or more in it. I can honestly say it SUCKS the life out of me; continuing to live like I'm a student (though I splurge now and then...). How did I resolve it? Well, I'm still going. I realized my BC Student Loan was very close to being complete: I made one final bulk payment and while I am not entirely debt free, I am down one, one to go. I have $10,000 left to pay and I anticipate that taking me 20 months to complete. Because I was making two separate payments, I have now beefed up my payment schedule and am TAKING BACK MY LIFE! Goal 2: Continuing Education. I have always been creative. I think to myself; "why buy it, when you can make it?" As a result, I enjoy making and creating with my hands. Paint, fabric, felt, jewelry, you name it. I always imagined that my life branched. One path was science; one path was fine arts. I worry I've left that part of me behind, that I'll never be able to regain that artistic and creative part of education I've always longed for. I have often, frequently, always said, I want to go to Emily Carr University. This fall, I will be. Not as a full time student, or heck, even a part time student, but as a continuing studies student. Weekend classes, drawing to start (we'll see where I end up) and hopefully some beer-league drawing sessions with classmates aftewards. It is time I put my love of creativity back in the focus of my life! Goal 3: Body Image. I wish I had great things to say about this goal, in fact, I've been holding back. Maybe I really just need to break it up into even smaller baby steps. My first goal about my body image was to eat better. I have, I do, I could do better. I love the smell/taste/look of beer so much I have decided I will not give it up, but maybe I could do without the second sushi roll at dinner instead. Goal 4: Love. I would say I am doing particularly well with this goal. To find someone who's goals and dreams run somewhat parallel to my own. To grow a family and life a life full of love and support. Currently our family consists of myself, him, our ridiculously small dog, and a jade plant. We dote on our little ones; me on the dog, him on his plant. If we can keep them alive and save up enough dough, maybe we'll one day be ready to take this family thing further. For now though, we're happy playing house and learning how it goes. There are many other baby steps I've broken my life into and slowly, I am working to overcome them all. Shopping smarter, living greener, laughing more... I am not going to list them all. But today I am inspired. I want to inspire you. I want the world to be inspired. If more of us were able to break our issues into baby steps, imagine what we could accomplish?

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