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Long Dog Days of Summer

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In Vancouver this year, summer was nearly a no-show; we all waited with baited breath; wishing and hoping the rains would subside long enough for a little barefoot, late-night, skirt-wearing weather. At long last, our patience has been rewarded. Nearly two full weeks of the hot ball of fire over our heads and just about as many days spent tending unexpected and unwelcome sunburns.
I always burn in the most unusual places. Tops of my toes for example. I put sunscreen all over my body, even into the crease of my hair - four hours later, I'm limping to the skytrain because my tiny little toes, with the smallest of surface area are fried to a crisp! Such is life. I will have to remember to wear sunscreen on every exposed surface! To celebrate summer, I made a 'late summer' treasury. I hope you enjoy it! It reminds me of staying out late while the sun takes forever to set, laughing with friends, smelling the fresh cool breeze and enjoying a soft dress over hot skin. Total bliss.

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