Learning to Walk Again

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Saturday was an incredible adventure. Firstly, we slept in. We don't usually sleep in, because the dog has to pee at the most unusual hours; 5am for example. After I'm up, I'm up for the day. For some reason unknown to me, Bolt slept the morning away and we woke around 10. 10am!? Fabulous. French Press Coffee in bed, followed by a nonchalant attitude toward our plans for the day suited me just fine. After lounging around the house for a while; we decided to explore Chinatown. The website; boasts that Chinatown is tops the list as one of North America's cleanest modern day Chinatowns. An unusual bit of information to boast, but I had to see it. Conveniently, Chinatown was also hosting a street event titled, "CHOW DOWN CHINA TOWN". In combination with the usual street markets, there were food vendors, children's inflatable bouncy houses and live entertainment. Pretty cool! We stopped and explored, we had food at a restaurant ordering food we had no idea what it was and had some cheap Chinese beers. Yum! Adjacent to Chinatown, is Vancouver's "Lower East Side" - Pigeon Park is a place you don't want to find yourself at night all alone. The folk down there are just trying to get their next high and won't mind kicking your ass to take your money and your goods. While adventuring, we came across some very disconcerting situations and quickly walked the opposite direction. Thankfully Kristi and I had Andrew to protect us! He found us refuge in the biggest, bestest store on earth: The Army & Navy. Now. The Army & Navy is what I believed to be a shop for vagrants and drug-users to get necessities at extreme discount prices. What I didn't know, was that the Army & Navy also caters to a classier clientele; they stock all mid-range brand names at extreme discount prices.

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