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Don't you ever wake up, jump into the shower, and sing "Under the Sea" at the top of your lungs? I do. I imagine that I'm under the sea, where everything's better, down where it's wetter, under the sea! My mer-dog and I would take swims in our ocean garden; me, holding hands with my mer-boyfriend. In the last while, I have been working to re-upload all of my blog posts from iWeb to the internet. iWeb crashed pretty hard a few weeks back and it cut me deep. After four hours spent at the Mac store, an entire system wipe, and the slow, arduous process of rebuilding my computer back to it's previous glory, I believe I am nearing my task. In an effort to celebrate this dedication to my digital information and my love of mermaids, I created an Etsy Treasury; here. It is colorful, has spunk and a bunch of eager Etsians wishing to sell their wares. So take a look and enjoy! Cheers!

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