Custom Wedding Earrings!

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I am very proud to present the newest pair of earrings from LanaBetty. They consist of a hanging chain with pearls, crystals, glass, and sparkly bits. They are finished at the top with sterling silver ear hooks. The largest beads are located closes to the hooks, while the smaller, more delicate beads are focused on the bottom; imagine a bunch of grapes. They were designed with Hansi’s mother’s pearl necklace in mind. I made these as a custom order for a friend who will be getting married this month in Mexico. While I will not be attending, knowing that these amazing beauties will be contributing to one of the happiest days of her life; is simply astounding. I am flattered beyond belief; not only did she ask for one pair of earrings for her wedding, but two! (click here for more pictures) Both pairs are meant to compliment Hansi’s mother’s pearl necklace. The first pair of earrings are all simple grace. Swarovski crystals in champagne, some neat connectors, and some very fine textured pearls. They are simple, but graceful, so as not to take away from the necklace itself. The second pair of earrings, pictured at the beginning of this post, are made for the reception; party time. They are playful, elegant, and make a bold statement of the classy party animal I know Hansi to be. I cannot convey to my friends and family how much it means to me to be able to make custom, one-of-a-kind pairs of earrings for their special occasions. I sometimes struggle with the fact that they actually want me to make something for them. I worry that what I create might not be good enough or might cost too much. But time after time, I am reassured by the looks in their eyes and the awe in their voices when they see what I have created for the first time. It makes me take a step back and realize that I am doing good here with LanaBetty and should continue to push forward, creating, learning and loving.

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