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Today is a fantastic day! I must say, moving to Vancouver has been an excellent life choice. I quit my job and drove my over-filled car over the mountains to Canada's west coast and I haven't looked back since. It's been three weeks since I've left Kelowna (my home town), and life couldn't be better.

Today I put a deposit down on a dog! A yorkshire terrier! I met the dog, Buster, and he's anything but a terror, like many people often think of terriers. He is shy and calm and likes sniffing and getting his belly rubbed. Tomorrow he's getting some dental work, microchipped and his ... manhood snipped, and then, he'll be all mine!

To help filter my excitement, I made an ETSY TREASURY to mark this amazing occasion - Buster is my first dog. Check it out, click, comment. Have fun with it, because I sure did!

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