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The Crafter's Superbowl: Convention Style Festivals

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LanaBetty does the Festival of Creations!
The weekend is finally finished and I am exhausted!

I initially wasn't certain I was ready for a big craft fair like the Festival of Creations at Prospera Place. The festival features 150+ vendors over two days, 10-6 and 10-4 respectively. Turns out, I was, thanks to some quick thinking by my friends and some fully supportive parents. Thanks everyone!

  • A lot of people saw my jewelry and a lot of them bought something.
  • Almost everyone who stopped by, picked up a business card. 
  • I had a great support team from my friends and family. Thank you!
  • 2 inches of flimsy material separated me from the hockey arena ice. CHILLY!
  • The majority age group of people I met were +50. Where are all the young, fashionable girls!?
  • Poorly organized, unmanaged, and the christmas music wasn't on.
  • The price of my table/booth was outrageous. How can 'crafters' pay those prices?
Will I return in 2011 to the Festival of Creations at Prospera Place? Probably not. Nobody checked me in, asked how I was doing, or helped me find my booth (of 200 tables). High admission fees ward people off, not bring them in, and I was so bloody cold the whole time. I'm a pretty positive person and I had a lot of fun, but the event was simply not right for me. Hopeful for an opportunity to critique the event, I have emailed the hosts of the event, and am still waiting for a reply. But, seeing that their website is 2 years out of date, so I won't hold my breath.

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