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Sex on my Feet

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First day jitters, Uncertainty lingering beneath the surface.

Plenty of fresh. Smooth lines and a multitude of fast turns.

Heart thumping, adrenaline quickly replacing blood where it matters most.

I am Enthralled, senses keen for stimulation. T-Bar trees demanding every ounce of concentration,


The sexytime on my feet gives me tingles up my spine. The sensations I’ve longed for since the end of the last season return to me post-haste.

The lift arrives, we slowly climb. To the top, up and up. Through the fog, the skies clear.
Sunshine - exaltation.

As the light fades and the sun sets, I could fly if only I had wings.

Charlie horses and a cricked neck; stiff relief, finishing with an overwhelming sense of self-satisfaction.

It’s good to be back on the hill.

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